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Terms and conditions of agreement

If you want to advertise with us you must first add our banner in your website!
To get the code for the banner send a Private Message to DeathDunk98* along with your website, request the code from him and wait for the answer. 


Send a Private Message to DeathDunk98* to provide your website's url & affiliates image (728 x 90). Make sure you provide us the link to your affiliates page where you added the code above.
If you are not able to send Private Message to DeathDunk98* in our forum, then E-mail him: basketballacademy@outlook.com
Note: Acceptance of partners depends on staff mind.

What's advertising for?

We use advertising for getting our website popullated, more advertising we do, more visitors we get. Now many of you may think that everyone avoids ads, that's true, even I recommended to install ADBlock on your browser, that protects your websurf, but sometimes advertising helps you find something you've been looking for a long time, and that might happen to someone, someone who wants to join the world of basketball.

What do I earn by joining this community?

Before the words get ended with a point, they begin by it. The point it's just a point, but without it the words lose their meaning. And point.
What do you think? Why do people use internet to comunicate? -Because they want to be in touch with each other, and because we want to be in touch with the world, we search through the net all day and all night long to find something interesting.
You earn absolutely nothing by joining this community, except socializing, friends, great time and you begin to be part of something incredible.
This Academy was created for only one reason, for the basketball worlds most dedicated fans to have a place where they can share thoughts, post videos, watch movies, inspirational videos and other stuff like that.
You can truly be part of this community when you create your account, by clicking CREATE ACCOUNT in the top navigation bar, without an account you cant post, reply and be part of this.
Thank you for your time, hope you get lost diving into our forum.

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